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Services set for Cade Snegirev

January 31, 2014
A young man who suffered an accidental gunshot wound to the head at about 10 p.m. Wednesday, January 29, was pronounced dead at 3:10 a.m. today. A memorial page has been established for Cade Snegirev, 15, Butte, by his sister on Facebook and services will be held February 8.

Butte emergency medical crews worked valiantly in an attempt to save Cade, and were able to keep him alive despite the severity of the wound, and transport him by ambulance to a landing zone a quarter of a mile away, the closest area to the home for LifeMed to land safely.

He was flown to an area hospital where the fight to save him continued. He remained alive long enough, friends say, for his family to gather.

"He had received a gun wound to his head via accident," his sister, Cullen, wrote. "Unlike what many people have been saying, the official report is not suicide, so if you hear or see anyone say that, I'd like to ask you to correct them. Cade was a good brother, friend, and above all else he was a happy boy who would not hurt people by committing suicide."

The community of Butte has rallied not only around Cade's grieving family in the wake of the tragedy, but around the emergency responders who gave their all and who are also aching over his loss. Fellow students of Cade's at Palmer High School have also shared condolences and grief.

"I want to thank all his friends and classmates because I know that they made so many good memories with him and I know he was happy because of it," Cullen wrote. "I know he is gone and I accept that and am doing everything I can to help my family through this. I do not want sympathy from people because in all honesty, my family needs it more than I do. I am honestly doing well coping with this emotionally, but my family is still struggling to accept and understand the situation. Please, offer them your support instead of me if you can, because they need it more than anything. I love my brother and know that he is happy wherever he may be and I thank you all for caring about him in some way."

Funeral service for Cade will be held at 1 p.m. Saturday, February 8, at the LDS Church, W560 Arctic Avenue, Palmer.

"Thank you all for your sympathy and condolences. My family and I really do appreciate them."

Those who'd like to add condolences or share memories of Cade are invited to visit the "In Loving Memory of Cade Snegirev" page at
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