Advantages and disadvantages of LED high bay lights


LED High bay light is utilized for open areas that exceed 5 meters. They are made for offering bright, constant and even illumination in a large area. They are most appropriate for industrial buildings, warehouses, shopping complexes, stadiums etc.

LED high bay lights


There are several advantages of using the LED lights and here are some of the major ones.


The lights from are energy-efficient since they possess a lower energy consumption rate compared to other light sources. It provides you with bright illumination for an open area and therefore it doesn’t need more number of tubes/bulbs installed in a single location. Only a handful of them is sufficient for producing adequate illumination.


The usage of LEDs makes these lights cost-effective as they are inexpensive than the ones available in today’s market. If you substitute outdoor and indoor lightings using LEDs, you are sure to be saving a lot on the electricity bills.

Longer life period

The lights possess a much longer lifespan compared to the others. They last nearly 10 times more when compared to incandescent and fluorescent lights. So, they help in cutting down your repair and replacement expenses, indirectly.

Compatible for outdoor and indoor use

The lights come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and designs. The major purpose of this assortment of lights is to supply various sizes and kinds of lighting requirements. They are suitable for outdoor and indoor use as well.


There are a few disadvantages of LED lights as well.

High early installation cost

The charges of the initial installation are generally high compared to other lighting sources. The cost is nearly 2 to 3 times higher. This makes it difficult for some people to allocate money from their budget as they cannot afford the money or space for LED fixtures or cabinets.

Can get dim before the lifespan

The LED high bay light’s longevity depends entirely on its quality. If you utilize a cheap quality one, then it might fade or dim very soon before the estimated lifespan. You need to opt only for reputed and trusted high bay lights from the best supplier and manufacturer out there. 

Repairing cost is high

The lights are irreparable and you can only substitute them if they are defective for any reason. This is one of the major drawbacks of LED lights. If you opt to repair them, it might cost you more than purchasing a new one, and so it is suggested that you always go for a new one rather than repairing the old light.

LED high bay light is made particularly for large spaces. When you choose one, it is vital that you ensure buying them from certified and listed suppliers. This way, you can rest assured that the materials utilized in the manufacturing process are the finest and the product has been thoroughly inspected for quality control. You can anticipate better service when you pick these lights from the best manufacturer since the quality has been the prime focus. Pick a brand that you can rely on for quality.