Benefit of buying prefabricated substation from Rockwill


The power grids and substations are widely used in a number of different projects across various industries. The prefabricated substation is ideal for those customers who need minimal onsite work plus shorter delivery times. The smaller distributed substations get subdivided into the container-sized modules that are assembled, manufactured and tested at manufacturing site or factory and it allows for fast installation, easy transport and effective commissioning on the site. The fabricated substation helps in sheltering the equipment from influences of environment thereby increasing the reliability and availability of substation.

The compact substation with customized solutions leave smaller footprint and provide readily available primary as well as secondary cabling that includes plug-type contacts. The applications of this setup range from integration to renewable generation and small distributed systems. This setup also enables the fast dismantling or erection which makes them ideal for relocation and best suited for use as a form of auxiliary substation at the time of maintenance or repair of the existing primary substations.

Rockwill offers a number of high quality substation solutions

The Rockwill is one of the most reliable names when it comes to power grids, China transformers and package substations in the market. When you hire their services for your power requirements you get a number of advantages. Some of the benefits include fast turnaround time where the units are tested, installed and put into operation as fast as possible. The clients get state-of-the-art and high quality proven solutions that are reliable and trusted. You also get comprehensive in-house integration of all the system capabilities. The company provides optimized solutions that gives efficiency, high performance, reliability, low cost of life-cycle, and flexibility. You can visit here for more information on the various aspects of power solutions provided by the company.

Some of the featured and top quality substation solutions or products provided by includes mobile transformer substation, prefabricated switchgear substation, outdoor prefabricated transformer substation, compact substation solutions, 12kv 24kv 36kv compact substation, 33kv 2500kva pad mounted transformer and 11/0.4kv 800kva mining substation amongst others. We will have a brief look at one of these power substations.

Mobile transformer substation: The prefabricated electric mobile centers are specifically tailor made, tested electric centers and factory assembled for satisfying all the customer requirements. It is a modular design that provides high flexibility for covering a wide array of applications. This includes the outdoor switching stations, single transformer stations, multi-transformer stations or the generation of electric centers. In addition to this special arrangement for the pressurized PEMCs is provided for the special applications in the various hazardous areas. The primary voltage provided in this setup can vary to 132kv. The secondary voltage can be a low voltage or the medium voltage based on customer requirements.

Prefabricated electric center is based on the hot-dipped galvanized base frame such that the entire center can be carried and lifted as the single unit. Since these are tailor made centers, the contents tend to vary based on specific requirements of the customers. For instance the PEMC might include all or some of the following: transformer, generator, breakers, outdoor load bread switches or metalclad switchgears, battery chargers and batteries, auxiliary transformers, fire detection systems, AC/DC distribution panels. air conditioner systems and other related equipment’s.

As far as its applications go they are used as a form of alternative emergency conventional substation in high-load capacity season for easing supply shortage. It is often used as temporary substation in the operations. These substations are assigned for various slip power users  so that they can install it easily and start its operation quickly.