Best 5 Dog Leg Wrap for dogs online shops 2023


Dog leg wraps are designed in a way so that they will comfortably fit a dog’s leg area and may be helpful in relieving the pain in certain muscles, tendons, and joints in dogs.

What are wraps for dogs?

A pressure wrap is a holistic treatment that can alleviate symptoms due to anxiety or thunderstorm phobia in dogs, as the treatment distributes moderate to deep pressure throughout the body so that stress and anxiety can be quelled.

Why would a dog need a leg brace?

Your dog’s leg braces are designed to give your dog stability and support when he or she is playing, which can help minimize inflammation and pain. When dogs are disabled, elderly, arthritic, or injured, as well as young pups who are more likely to develop hip dysplasia or joint problems, braces can be extremely useful.

Best 5 Dog Leg Wrap for dogs online shops 2023

1, Crawlpaw


As a corporate member of Crawlpaw Pet Products, Inc., they are dedicated to the health and happiness of their pets. They select quality pet products for their customers only after conducting extensive trials. They strive for continued success by providing excellent customer service and satisfaction to our customers they serve.

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2, Shijiazhuang Runyi Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd.


In 2015, Shijiazhuang Runyi Medical Device Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in the beautiful city of Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province. Besides waist supports, knee supports, shoulder supports, posture corrections, pregnancy belts, and fitness shaping products, the company manufactures and exports a wide range of fitness and medical products. These products are professionally manufactured and exported by them.

Their products are exported to more than 50 countries in Europe, the United States, Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, South America, and Latin America. It is estimated that the company has over 200 employees, a factory occupying 3,000 square meters, and a sales volume of 20 million dollars per year.

3, Shijiazhuang Aofeite Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.


The company has its headquarters in the city of Shijiazhuang, Hebei province, China. It is a manufacturer and trader that specializes in the design, manufacture, and international trade of a variety of products. With over 320 employees and an area of 15,000 square meters of workshop space, Shijiazhuang Aofeite Import and Export Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and trader.

Their medical sports braces include posture correctors, waist support belts, neck supports, ankle braces, knee protectors, wrist protectors, elbow protectors, maternity belts, air cushions, cervical tractors, and more. The company is a leader in the industry as one of the leading manufacturers of these products.

A number of certifications have been achieved by their products, including the EU, the CE, the FDA, SGS, and ISO13485, which are among the certifications they have attained for their products.

4, Hengshui Jingkang Medical Device Co., Ltd.


Jingkang Medical Devices Co., Ltd. manufactures medical devices and medical accessories in its own factory in Hebei County, China. In addition to lumbar supports, waist belts, thermal tourmaline magnetic health wraps, abdominal recovery belts, cervical traction, inflatable medical air cushions, and medical crutches, they also offer maternity support belts and abdominal recovery belts. Healthcare and orthopedic products are their specialties. Custom orders are one of their specialties, and they can make products using your design logo and color box. They ship their products to Europe, the US, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, and other countries and regions.

5, Zhejiang Fele Sports Co., Ltd.


The Zhejiang Fele Sports Co.,Ltd., with its own import and export rights, manufactures and sells sports body protectors, sports socks, and sports socks, located in Hangzhou 150 kilometers from Shanghai. Their products are made of high-quality materials, such as sports clothing, and they have introduced advanced knitting machinery and hosiery design equipment to their store. The company manufactures and sells sports clothing, and the company has introduced 96N, 120N, 144N, 168N, 200N, and 84N single cylinders as well as 144N and 168N double cylinders. It is estimated that there are about 150 knitting machines in the factory and around 100 workers working on an area of 15000 square meters. The factory produces 9,000,000 pairs of socks every year and has an annual sales volume of U5D100 million.

The company has exports to Japan, Korea, Canada, Britain, Italy, the United States, Spain, and others. You can count on their extensive export experience, high quality products, competitive prices, excellent service, and on-time delivery to meet your needs and exceed your expectations with their excellent service.