Best 5 Europe Type Farrowing Crate factories 2022


What are farrowing crates?

There are several types of pig farrowing crates. During the birth of their piglets, mother pigs are placed inside metal cages. The cages contain metal bars that are designed to limit the movement of mother pigs. The cages are about two metres long and a little more than one metre wide in each case. As long as the sow stands, lies down, and takes a few steps forward or back, she is able to do nothing else. As the piglets approach their mother to suckle, she is not able to engage or socialize with them fully.

What is the purpose of a farrowing crate?

During the farrowing process, the farrowing crate (cage) is primarily used to control the movement of the mother, particularly while lying down, in order to decrease the risk of piglets being crushed. It is not necessary to do this with healthy, strong mothers (especially from group housing and not cages) and pen allowing mother pigs to turn around and effectively nurse their young leads to more robust piglets.

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Below are the best 5 Europe Type Farrowing Crate factories 2022

1. Pigequipments Farrowing Crate


It was founded in 2012 and has been producing pig equipment ever since. Over the past ten years, the company has focused on independent research and innovation. From producing pig breeding products, the company has now expanded into producing intelligent breeding equipment. Currently, the equipment is sold in over 20 countries, making it one of the largest suppliers of equipment for breeding pigs.

Over the past decade, pig breeding and raising technologies have gained widespread popularity in China and abroad.

The company is adapting to the progress of pig breeding technology around the world by developing a line of products that are independent of the company’s intellectual property rights to meet the needs of pig farms, as the original key equipment was blank. In both the domestic and international markets, the main equipment is dominant.

2. Cangzhou Wanqing Animal Husbandry Technology Co., Ltd.


Three factories are operated by this company, each specializing in the production of pigs, cattle and sheep, as well as poultry breeding equipment, as well as a professional team that plan and design farms, construct them, and maintain them after they are completed. As well as providing equipment and technical support for large-scale breeding farms around the country, they also provide after-sales service.

3. Anping County Yize Metal Products Co., Ltd.


Yize Metal Products Limited Company is dedicated to the development and sale of wire mesh products in Anping County. With our company tenet Survive with quality, develop with innovation, they are utilizing the development of wire mesh to establish a standards-stop service system on production, processing and sales.

In addition to stainless steel wire mesh, they offer Stainless Steel King Kong Mesh, Stainless Steel Twill Mesh, Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh, Stainless Steel Crimped Mesh, and Stainless Steel Window Screen Mesh, as well as Mesh Fences, including Anti-Climb, Wire Mesh Fence Posts, Fences, Barbed Wire Fences, Fence Accessories, Gabion Mesh, Welded Wire Mesh, and Animal Breeding Cages.

4. Weifang Leon Machinery Co., Ltd.


Weifang Leon Machinery Co., LTD., is located at Qingzhou city, a city with a good tradition of mechanical manufacture. They are a company that standardizes livestock and poultry equipment, including automatic feeding, automatic watering, ventilation and cooling systems, and environmental control systems. We provide a one-stop shopping experience for our customers at home and abroad, fully meeting the needs of all types of livestock breeding methods.

There is no doubt that this company is dedicated to providing excellent product technology, reasonable designs, reliable performance, constantly improving the marketing service system, developing a comprehensive marketing network and providing the best after-sales service. At the moment, the company’s products are exported to all over the world, including Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa, among others.

5. Hebei Dunqiang Hardware Mesh Co., Ltd.


Hebei Dunqiang Hardware Mesh Co., Ltd., is located in the “Mesh Hometown of China” – Anping County, China. Since its formation in 1991, they have adhered to a mission of “market-oriented, industry-based and taking science and technology as support.” In our company, science, production, and operation are combined and they constantly develop new products. Their mesh fences are applied to roads, railways, airports, and other large construction projects in order to keep them safe.

Additionally, this company specializes in the research, development, and manufacture of high-quality mesh fences. With their sense of responsibility, they can ensure that every process is carried out in accordance with regular production processes. It is important to them to ensure that every product is of good quality.

In addition to metal mesh products, they can manufacture special materials or products to meet the needs of our clients and offer better services. It is their company’s operating principle to pursue customer satisfaction, which means “customers as God, quality as life”.