Best 5 Glutathione Powder Manufacturers


The amino acids glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine combine to form glutathione. The liver generates it and has a role in numerous bodily functions. Functions of the immune system, synthesis of chemicals and proteins required by the body, and tissue growth and repair are all aided by glutathione. Glutathione is taken for a variety of ailments, including heart disease, liver disease, alcoholism, and aging, but these claims are not well-supported by research.

Benefits of using glutathione powder

Glutathione is taken for a variety of ailments, including heart disease, liver disease, alcoholism, and aging, but these claims are not well-supported by research. Damage to nerves brought on by cisplatin medication. It appears that intravenous glutathione supplementation can help avert neuropathy and other side effects of the cancer treatment cisplatin. Only medical professionals are authorized to administer IV products.

There are many different ways to get glutathione, such as powders, capsules, and injections. Due to its easy mixing with liquids and ability to provide flexibility in dosage, glutathione powder is a popular form.

Side effects of  glutathione powder

When taken orally, glutathione may be safe in dosages up to 500 mg daily for a maximum of two months.

Inhalation: Glutathione may not be harmful. 

Glutathione when applied to skin: When applied to the skin, it could result in a rash.

Remember that dosages can matter and that natural products aren’t always safe. Before use, make sure you read the product labels carefully and seek medical advice.

Consult your physician before beginning any glutathione supplementation regimen. They can offer you advice on the appropriate dosage and assist you in deciding if it’s right for you.

Overall glutathione powder is safe to use and is taken with appropriate dosage. Many glutathione factories are manufacturing this powder but it’s important to search for original manufacturers. 

Here are the Best 5 glutathione powder manufacturers for you.

1, GSH Bio-Tech


ANHUI GSH BIO-TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, established in 2017 and situated in Anhui, is an innovative high-tech enterprise specializing in enzyme catalysis technology within the realm of synthetic biology. The company focuses on the interdisciplinary application of various technologies. GSHWORLD serves as a prominent Biological API Manufacturer and Pharma Supplier in China, specializing in the production of Glutathione powder. As a leading Glutathione manufacturer, the company operates its raw material factory to ensure the quality and reliability of its products.

2,  Honghao Herb


Honghao is a research-based manufacturer and a global supplier of chemicals and biochemical products. With a history spanning about 20 years, the company has consistently delivered groundbreaking solutions and innovative technologies. Honghao’s primary focus is on a range of products, including 5-HTP, GABA, Amygdalin, Curcumin, Melatonin, Genistin, Quercetin, Tremella Fuciformis Extracts, Luteolin, DMSA, and Glutathione. The company’s facilities are equipped to address the diverse chemical, biochemical, and laboratory needs of the industries it serves. Whether in laboratory, scale-up, or production quantities, all products provided by Honghao meet rigorous standards.

3, Hebei Guanlang Biotechnology Co


Hebei Guanlang Biotechnology Co., Ltd., established in 2007 and situated in Shijiazhuang city, the capital of Hebei Province, is a modern high-tech chemical enterprise specializing in Research & Development, production, and sales. Located strategically among Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei, the company benefits from convenient transportation. With robust technical strength, advanced equipment, and a stringent quality management system, Hebei Guanlang Biotechnology adheres to a business philosophy of “customer first and forge ahead.” The company prioritizes integrity for its survival, dedicated to customer satisfaction and the long-term healthy development of the enterprise. Over the past decade, the company has meticulously managed the entire trade process, focusing on every detail and providing customers with comprehensive services such as product purchase, R & D, quality control, and logistics management. Hebei Guanlang Biotechnology has become a reliable cooperative partner for clients.

4, Hunan Bio-essential tech Co


Established in 2002, Hunan Flag Group Corporation is a High Tech enterprise, specializing in the integrated R&D, manufacturing, and sales of enzymes and bio-catalytic products. With two decades of development, the company has evolved to include Hunan Bio-essential Tech Co., Ltd and Hunan Flag Bio-technology Co., Ltd. These entities house various product lines in Bio enzymes, Bio catalysis, Pharmaceutical & Chemical, Bio energy, healthy food, and more. The diversified portfolio reflects the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence in multiple sectors.

5, Haihang Industry


Haihang Group, comprising Haihang Industry Co., Ltd., Zhonglan Industry Co., Ltd., and METISARC PTE. LTD., is a prominent manufacturer of fine chemicals and cosmetic materials, seamlessly integrating research and development, production, and sales. It stands as one of the Top 50 Enterprises in Jinan City. Established in 1994 and restructured into a limited liability company in 1996, the group has consistently demonstrated excellence.

Haihang Industry and Zhonglan Industry, both ISO-9001 certified, possess autonomous rights in import and export operations. Their products have gained widespread acclaim in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South Africa.