Best 5 Handpan Drum Brands


A convex steel drum set to numerous notes and played with the hands is called a handpan, or “hang.” Every handpan has a specific scale tuned to it, be it major, natural minor, harmonic minor, etc. Sonically speaking, the handpan is an overtone-emitting instrument that blends ethereal sounds and several layers of sound beautifully with drone instruments.

History of HandPan drums

The multifaceted instrument known as Hang has its origins in Bern, Switzerland, where it was built by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schare. Felix Rohner was the first well-known performer of the Trinidad Steel drum, a musical instrument that gained popularity in Europe in the early 1970s. He and his business partner Sabrina Scharer founded PANArt, a renowned manufacturer of dented musical instruments, in 1990 with a thorough grasp of steel drums. Felix and Sabrina did not formally introduce Hang at Musikmesse Frankfurt in Germany until 2001.

How HandPan drums are manufactured

The handpan community has always been shrouded in secrecy. From original Handpan drum formations to new craftsmanship and a woman who has her own secret methods of formation no one has agreed to share the details of their manufacturing process. With extensive research and disusing with many manufacturers, a general manufacturing process includes the following steps.

Materials selection

Handpans are manufactured using raw steel, nitrated steel, or stainless steel. It consists of two convex shells that are glued together to give them a drum shape. The varying thickness of steel is used for different quality Handpans.

Shell formation

A flat sheet of steel is taken as raw material for the formation of a handpan which is then given a shape of convex. Different methods like hand sunk, rolling, deep drawing or hydroforming can be used for shaping the flat sheet.


After the formation of the shell, the main work is giving it sweet music. This is the slowest and hardest part of the formation.


The last part of the process is setting the frequency.the frequency of the instrument is adjusted according to choice.

Different brands have different methods of manufacturing and quality and music depends upon the manufacturing and how accurately the instrument is tuned. Here are the Best 5 handpan drum brands.

1, EchoPans



Established in 2019, F.Y.S. Technology has been at the forefront of handpan selection and sales. With almost five years of dedicated exploration and refinement, the company has taken a significant step by launching its own handpan brand: Echopans. Focused on a mission close to the hearts of handpan enthusiasts, the goal is to provide the community, much like themselves, with access to top-quality handpans at the most reasonable prices. At F.Y.S. Technology, the journey is not just about commerce but a shared passion for the soulful resonance of handpans.

2, Didge Project



Didge Project, as a company based in Upstate New York, specializes in the development of educational products tailored for individuals to explore in-depth learning at their own pace. Didge Project’s comprehensive range of offerings includes courses that seamlessly integrate with both private and group instruction. Notably successful is The Circular Breathing Mastery Program, a meticulously crafted step-by-step guide designed for individuals keen on mastering circular breathing techniques for wind instruments.

Didge Project’s Musical Instrument Store, located in Upstate New York, serves as a unique space where potential buyers can experience a “try before you buy” approach. Recognizing the scarcity of brick-and-mortar world instrument stores, Didge Project is committed to offering a selection of quality handmade instruments. The company understands the importance of allowing individuals to play and connect with instruments before making a purchase, thereby enhancing the overall musical exploration experience for customers.

Handpan Drum


3, Metal Sounds



Metal Sounds, a French company proudly adorned with the ARTISAN D’ART label, specializes in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of handpans, steel tongue drums, and steelpans. With a commitment to uniqueness and innovation, Metal Sounds presents trademarked instruments that promise a distinctive sound and design unparalleled elsewhere. Opting for a Metal Sounds instrument is a deliberate choice for quality, a celebration of individuality, and an embrace of a shared passion for musical artistry.






Founded in 2014 as a modest enterprise, RAV Labs has evolved into a thriving company with a monthly production exceeding 600 drums, shipped globally. Committed to fostering the joy of musical creation in every corner of the world, RAV Labs endeavors to forge a medium that resonates with the human soul and enhances the global lifestyle through music. In the 21st century, the company remains dedicated to its mission, striving to facilitate musical enrichment for people worldwide.

RAV Vast G Pygmy

RAV Vast D Celtic Minor




Derived from the Hebrew word ‘יִשָּׁמַע’ meaning ‘to be heard,’ ‘Yishama’ embodies a vision rooted in providing individuals with a distinctive journey of self-exploration through sound, beat, and harmony. The essence of Yishama lies in crafting a sound sculpture that goes beyond mere auditory perception, aiming to create a profound and unique sonic experience. The name itself reflects the aspiration for the instrument to be not just played but truly heard, resonating with the deeper connection between the individual and the art of sound.


Andrea Szabadi