Best 5 Metal Stamping Tooling & Progressive Die Manufacturers


Best 5 Metal Stamping Tooling & Progressive Die Manufacturers

Metal stamping is a manufacturing technique that forms flat metal sheets or coils into precise shapes using a stamping press and equipment. Progressive dies and tooling for metal stamping are essential parts of the procedure. They are crucial in the forming and molding of metal sheets or coils into precise components and parts for a range of industries.

Metal Stamping Tooling

Metal stamping tooling is the term used to describe the specialized gadgets used in the metal stamping process, such as dies and punches. These tools are used for properly bending, shaping, cutting and forming metal objects. The following are some important components used in metal stamping:


Dies are used to give the required shape to metal objects. Dies are usually divided into two categories for metal stamping tooling. These are punch dies and die blocks. Punch die uses force on metal and die blocks provide the required shape to the metal. Custom- dies are formed for special products.


Punches are attached to the dies to apply force to the object to gain the required shape of the metal. They are also used to make holes, curves, or any other features of the metal. A variety of shapes and sizes are available in punches depending upon the requirement of the stamping.


The flat metal sheets or raw material for the stamping process id called blanks. These blanks are primary materials that are cut and shaped into required shapes for further use in metal stamping processes.

Blades for shears

These are sharp blades used to cut the blades to make their edges smooth, clean and straight.

Progressive Dies

Progressive dies are a type of metal stamping tooling used to produce complex metal parts in large numbers. Each stage has its own set of required dies and punches, and they are made up of numerous stages. The metal strip or coil moves from one station to the next, performing a variety of processes in the process.

In summary, metal stamping tooling and progressive dies are critical components of the metal stamping process, allowing for the efficient and precise engineering of a wide range of metal components and parts used in a variety of industries. Because of their design, precision, and versatility, they are indispensable in modern manufacturing.

Here are the Best 5 Metal Stamping Tooling and progressive Die Manufacturers who provide you with quality tools.

1, Tenral




Tenral, an experienced metal stamping manufacturer and supplier, has been serving various industries with precision metal stamping parts since 2005. Their expertise extends to sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining services. Founded in 2005, Tenral is situated in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, occupying 53,000 square feet of manufacturing space. This comprehensive facility includes a mold shop, a manufacturing facility, a packaging area, an office, a powder painting facility, and a warehouse. With a wide range of press capacities, from 32 tons to 150 tons, as well as hydraulic presses ranging from 80 tons to 200 tons, Tenral offers a complete spectrum of metal stamping services to meet their customers’ requirements.

Tenral places a strong emphasis on dependable quality, making it a cornerstone of their operations. They rigorously adhere to drawing tolerances to identify the most effective manufacturing solutions. With their state-of-the-art metal stamping equipment, unparalleled expertise, and competitive pricing, Tenral stands out as the top choice for precision metal stamping services to meet diverse production needs.

2, CN Stamping


For a period spanning over three decades, Heju Stamping has dedicated itself to the production of top-tier precision metal stampings. Heju Stamping specialization extends to a diverse array of precision engineering solutions, encompassing precision progressive dies, high-speed stampings, draws, brackets, terminals, contacts, shells, and a wide spectrum of other miniature metal components. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, Heju Stamping has consistently delivered high-quality products to meet the stringent demands of their clientele.

Bursting Disc


3, Qingdao Yonglihao Machinery


Qingdao Yonglihao Machinery Co., Ltd. commenced its operations in 2010, establishing itself as a reputable entity in the industry. The factory specializes in ODM/OEM services, covering a wide spectrum of metal-related processes, including stamping, welding, machining, and die casting. With over a decade of experience, the company is well-versed in design, manufacturing, sales, and service within these domains. The manufacturing facility is equipped with an impressive array of machinery, including 10 automatic welding machines, stamping machines ranging from 100 to 500 tons, die casting machines ranging from 180 to 500 tons, 20 machining centers, and various CNC machines. This extensive machinery arsenal allows them to cater to diverse metal production needs.

Stainless Steel Solar Bracket Stamping Part

Carbon Steel Bracket Stamping Part

4, Dongguan Fortuna Metals


Dongguan Fortuna, established in 2003, operates from a spacious 16,000 square meter facility and boasts a workforce of 200 skilled employees. This enterprise specializes in the production of precision metal stamping parts, precision CNC processing, injection molding, and product assembly. With a commitment to quality, Dongguan Fortuna has earned ISO14001:2015 and IATF16949:2016 quality system certifications. Dongguan Fortuna products find wide-ranging applications in home appliances, communication equipment, automotive components, new energy vehicles, and the aviation industry. Known for both product quality and competitive pricing, Dongguan Fortuna has garnered acclaim from satisfied customers. Their products reach international markets, including Japan, the USA, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Norway, and various other countries. Situated in the Matigang Industrial Zone, Dalingshan Town, Dongguan City, a renowned hub for manufacturing, the factory enjoys a strategic location just 500 meters from a highway intersection and a convenient 40-minute drive from Shenzhen Airport.

Galvanized steel precision stamping plate

Exported stamping part is made of SPCC

5, Oberg Industries


Oberg is a privately-owned company operating as a vertically integrated contract manufacturer and supply chain integrator. Oberg specializes in offering tooling, metal stamping, and precision machining services to a wide range of renowned global companies.

Metal Stamping Center