Best 5 metallic Vehicle wrap manufacturers 2023


In the past, car wraps were primarily used to advertise on vehicles. However, now they are becoming increasingly popular as a way of changing the color or design of your vehicle, without having it painted. No matter whether you are wrapping your vehicle to advertise or just to change it up a bit, it is important to stay on top of the latest trends when you wrap your vehicle.

What is Metallic Wrap?

Metallic vinyl wraps can turn your vehicle into a stunning premium finish and make a statement. If you see a car that sparkles like a diamond, that is a metallic vinyl wrap, and there are a variety of colours available, ranging from gloss pearl to matte metallic military green.

Furthermore, the metallic vinyl wrap consists of at least six layers, but the vinyl wrap material in general only includes three layers. This means that the additional metallic layers maximize the vinyl wrap’s duration and offer a better level of protection.

Best 5 metallic Vehicle wrap manufacturers 2023

1, Ravoony


In the field of car wraps and paint protection films, Ravoony has been dedicated for years. Ravoony is a brand that integrates development, production, operation, and packaging. Because of their strong capital and technical capabilities, Ravoony provides global car owners with high-quality car wrap films at competitive prices, which allows customers to personalize their cars affordably.

Additionally, the company manufactures car wraps, composite vinyl wrap films, and has a color research laboratory in China that analyzes car colors as well as market trends to decide which research direction to take. Currently, they offer more than 20 vinyl wrap films in over 300 colors.

2, Ruian Tsautop Machinery Co., Ltd.


The TSAUTOP company has been in business for years as a top-rated manufacturer and supplier of Hydro Dipping Machines, Hydro Dipping Film, and Car Wrap Vinyl. The leading one-stop integrated hydrographics supplier with three facilities that encompass hydrographic films, hydrographic equipment, and hydrographic service under one roof. A five-color gravure printing machine from Germany, a four-color gravure printing machine imported from Japan, a 4000 square meter facility, over 20000+ hydro-dipping patterns for selection, and the constant development of new designs every week are just some of the reasons for their success.

3, Guangzhou Tuojin Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

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Guangzhou Tuo Jin Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is the best choice of car wrap films, paint transparent films, advertising films, PVC wood vinyl, and computer cutting vinyl Manufacturers that are specializing in Automobile, Parts & Spares. That is the China car wrap film manufacturer that you should be thinking about any time you are looking for the best China car wrap film, paint transparent film, advertising film, or computer cutting vinyl manufacturers. These products are manufactured in Guangzhou, China, by a company called Guangzhou Tuo Jin Auto Parts Co., Ltd. The company is one of the largest in China that operates on a global scale and is one of the largest companies in the world in this field.

4, Guangzhou Henry Color Decoration Material Co., Ltd.

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Founded in 2002, Guangzhou Henry Color Decoration Materials Co.,Ltd is located on an area of 8000 square meters and has been in operation since 2002. Additionally, they have a number of coating machines, aluminum plating machines, embossing machines, slitting machines, as well as other equipment that is used to produce embossed pvc films, glossy pvc films, wood grain pvc films, car wrap vinyl, static window films, etc. The company’s products are used to decorate plywood, wine boxes, gift boxes, curtain rods, furniture, glass, walls, cars, windows, and other flat surfaces in order to make them appear as if they were made of metallic, glossy, or natural wood. It is always their aim to cooperate with customers on the basis of equality and mutual benefits when it comes to cooperating with them.

5, Guangzhou Sino Group Co., LTD


Sino Group Co., LTD is an international manufacturer and exporter of car wrap vinyl, paint protection film, carbon fiber vinyl, graphic cutting vinyl, DIY craft vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, window tinting film, and many other types of vinyl. They are very concerned about the transportation facilities in their company.

All of their products meet strict international quality standards, and have been highly acclaimed in a wide range of markets throughout the world because of their high quality, ensuring that all of their products meet the highest standards of quality. All of their products are strictly compliant with international quality standards in order to ensure that they meet the highest standards of quality.

It is a result of their well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control that they maintain at all stages of the production process that they have been able to guarantee the complete satisfaction of the customers with the products that they provide them.