Best 5 Solar Cable Manufacturers


As the world progressively embraces renewable energy sources, solar power has appeared as a leading candidate in the battle for sustainable electricity generation. Harnessing energy from the sun requires a complex arrangement of photovoltaic panels, inverters, batteries, and, of course, solar cables. Solar cables play an essential role in confirming the efficiency and safety of a solar power setup.

Solar Cables understanding

The specialized wires used in photovoltaic power systems are referred to as solar cables or photovoltaic (PV) cables. Traditional electrical cables are not very protective against the outdoor difficulties of weather while solar cables are designed to endure the particular difficulties presented by outdoor solar installations. These cables allow the generated electricity to move to where it is required by connecting solar panels to other components of the system, such as inverters and charge controllers.

Characteristics of Solar Cables

Resistant to UV radiations

Solar cables are exposed to the sun’s harsh UV rays for extended periods. These cables are UV-resistant to ensure longevity, stopping them from degrading or becoming hard over time.

Resistant to changes in weather

Solar installations are often exposed to various weather conditions. Solar cables are resistant to changes in weather and it is weatherproof because of the safety insulation.

Resistant to High-temperature

In the peak sunlight hours, solar panels can become quite hot while solar cables are designed in a way to survive high temperatures without compromising their performance or protection.


Solar cables need to be elastic for easy installation, even in close-fitting spaces or when directed around hurdles like roof vents or skylights.

Guaranteeing Protection and Productivity

Solar power system efficiency and protection depend on the selection of solar wire. To guarantee that your system performs properly and safely for many years, it’s critical to adhere to industry standards and recommendations when selecting and installing solar cables.

Solar cables may seem like a small element within a solar power system, but they play an important role in enabling the efficient and safe transfer of electricity generated by solar panels. Investing in high-quality, weather-resistant solar cables is crucial in building a reliable and long-lasting solar energy system.

1, Shanghai Kuka Special Cable Co., Ltd. (KUKA CABLE)




Shanghai Kuka Special Cable Co., Ltd. (KUKA CABLE) is situated in the international city of Shanghai and specializes in photovoltaic cable, lawn mower cable, floating cable, and related products. With a team boasting over 10 years of experience in cable manufacturing and foreign trade, Shanghai Kuka Special Cable Co., Ltd. (KUKA CABLE) is committed to delivering high-quality, cost-effective products, along with exceptional customer service.

2, Dongguan XSD Cable Technology Co., Ltd.




Since its establishment in 2013, XSD Cable has built a solid reputation in the wire and cable assembly field. The company has evolved into a professional manufacturer of world-class products and solutions for global customers, with a focus on supporting various industries, including new energy applications, industrial applications, home appliances and equipment, automobile applications, robotics applications, and more. XSD Cable holds certifications from UL, CSA, VDE, and CCC, ensuring the quality and safety of its products. Their management team, consisting of individuals with a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in engineering or business, leverages their expertise to collaborate with customers in enhancing product value, cost-efficiency, and reliability. XSD Cable is dedicated to providing high-quality wiring manufacturing, assembly, and related process engineering services. The company is certified to ISO 9001:2008 and IATF 16949, further underscoring its commitment to quality and excellence.

Solar Cable Assembly IP68 Plug NSGAFOU UL10269 for ESS

Solar Cable Assembly Power Cable for ESS Energy Backup IP67





FRCABLE is a pioneering company in the solar photovoltaic industry, specializing in the production of high-quality cables and cross-linked cables. Founded in 2007, FRCABLE belongs to Nuode Group (Stock code: 600110). Based in China, the company has earned a reputation as a reliable and innovative manufacturer, consistently meeting the evolving needs of its customers. With a state-of-the-art production facility and a team of dedicated professionals, FRCABLE is committed to producing superior products that exceed industry standards.

25mm2 Double Insulated Solar Cable

120mm2 Solar Cable





SUNKEAN is a well-known brand for solar solutions, with Sun King Energy established in 2013, and Sunkean Cable Factory founded in 2017. SUNKEAN is committed to providing the best solutions for users, installers, investors, and all stakeholders. The company always takes responsibility for customer demands, making continuous efforts in innovations and breakthroughs. SUNKEAN actively integrates high-quality resources to offer more professional solutions and strives to deliver the cleanest and most abundant energy, ensuring economic and social benefits for all.

NYY-O Solar Cable 5 Core 50mm² Direct Burial Wire

NYY-O Solar Cable 5 Core 70mm² Direct Burial Wire





HANGZHOU ZION COMMUNICATION CO., LTD is a manufacturer and supplier of cables & wire, fiber systems & copper cabling system products for ICT infrastructure, Security & fire protection, Telecommunication, Internet (ISP), Datacenter, Building & entertainment, Green energy and Industrial

1.5mm²-B (PV1-F, H1Z2Z2-K) Single core Solar Cable

2 by 1.5mm² (PV1-F, H1Z2Z2-K) Twin Core Solar