Best 5 Suppliers for Bridge Saw Machine in 2023


A bridge saw machine is a type of stone-cutting equipment used for cutting and shaping pieces of granite, marble, limestone and other natural stones. The machine is typically made up of a blade that rotates on an overhead bridge spanning two parallel rails. It’s one of the most important tools found in many stonemasonry workshops that require cutting raw materials of varying thicknesses.

Bridge saw machines come with different features and capabilities depending on the intended use such as the cutting speed, blade size and angle adjustability. Some machines are designed to be operated manually while others rely on computer numerical control (CNC). CNC bridge saws can automatically adjust angles and operate much more precisely than manual machines.

One notable advantage of the bridge saw machine is its ability to produce extremely precise cuts, even when working with hard and dense materials like granite. It also saves time by reducing the amount of manual labor required to cut stones by hand. Another benefit is the ease of use and safety during operation.

In conclusion, the bridge saw machine has been a game changer in the stonemasonry industry, streamlining the process of shaping and cutting raw materials into a workable product. Whether it’s a small workshop or a large scale factory, the bridge saw is an essential tool for any stonemason looking to quickly, safely and accurately cut stones of different shapes and sizes.

Below are the best 5 suppliers for bridge saw machine in 2023:

1, Faithfulmachinery


A company based in Quanzhou, Faithful Machinery Co.,LTD manufactures and exports stone machinery, diamond tools, stone care products, concrete cutting tools, stone blocks, and finished goods, as well as importing and exporting stone blocks. Upon request, customized products or solutions can be provided for customer satisfaction.

2, Fujian Wanlong Diamond Tools Co., Ltd.


The mission of Wanlong Mechanical is to offer advanced technology solutions for the production of efficient tools. With over 30 years’ practical experience in stone machinery, Wanlong Machinery can provide customers with high quality diamond tools and provide more sophisticated services to fulfill the mission. Wanlong Machinery has rich experience and technological advantage in diamond tools.

3, Jinan Blue Elephant Cnc Machinery Co., Ltd.


The Blue Elephant company is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development, production, and sale of CNC woodworking machines and panel furniture production lines. There are several main products they offer, including ATC CNC routers, 4-axis CNC routers, high-end furniture production lines, luxurious CNC nesting machines, mature cabinet wardrobe makers, edge banders, CNC drilling machines, CNC machining centers, etc. In addition to panel furniture, custom cabinets, wardrobes, and solid wood furniture, these machines are widely used in CNC machining.

4, Shandong Igolden Cnc Technology Co., Ltd.


In 2012, Shandong IGolden CNC Technology Co.,Ltd was established, one of China’s top CNC manufacturers, providing the most comprehensive CNC application solutions with key technology and own intellectual property rights. In addition to production, sales and after-sales, the company integrates research and development. Their product line includes 7 series and more than 100 models, including CNC Wood Router, Eps Foam CNC Machine, Stone CNC Machine, Furniture and Cabinet Door Making Machine, Fiber Laser Cutter, Laser Engraver, Laser Marker, CNC Plasma Cutter, and CNC kits, tools, and accessories.

5, Xiamen Stoneplus Machinery Co., Ltd.


It has been more than 10 years since Stoneplus Machinery Co. established near Xiamen and has been manufacturing stone machines for over ten years. They are proud to announce that we have customers worldwide from more than 60 countries. In addition to that, they were considered by their customers to be one of the best machine suppliers in China in terms of professionalism and seriousness.