Best 5 trade gift cards instantly online websites 2023


It’s always a pleasure to receive or earn gift cards!

There are, however, a few things we should keep in mind when choosing apps to earn gift cards. One for example is that we may win an Amazon card, but we need a Lowe’s card instead. In addition, sometimes you may need cash to pay bills or invest.

The good news is that there are several ways in which you can sell gift cards online for cash and receive a check or PayPal payment.

Where Can I Sell My Gift Cards?

If you are thinking about selling your unwanted gift cards, there is one thing you need to consider before selling them. You need to consider how you would like to receive your payments. Would you like an instant payout through PayPal or direct deposit? Or would you prefer a paper check by mail?

There may be times when people don’t care about this, but it’s important for others. If you have unwanted gift cards, now is the time to unload them. Googling “where can I get cashback for my gift card” won’t cut it this time. If you want the most money for your gift cards, choose a platform that will give you the fastest turnover.

You can then filter through your options once you’ve decided on this vital aspect.

1, Giftngpay


The Giftpay team consists of professionals who specialize in the recycling of gift cards, so they are able to do so as efficiently and quickly as possible. A combination of scientific methods and professional approaches is used by them to provide the best price for gift card transactions and to provide the best platform for doing so.

A major objective of Gingpay is to provide Africa with an efficient, safe, and secure trading platform for its customers to trade with Google. What is more important to the company is the development of Africa’s economy rather than profits.

2, Clipkard


The Clip Kard site requires users to register, and, like Card Kangaroo, they let you know upfront how much they’re willing to pay for your gift card. In addition, you must send your gift cards to the mailing address provided by Card Kangaroo. You won’t know how much your cards are worth, how your payments are distributed, or when you will receive your compensation unless you create an account on the site.

From our experience, Clip Kard is a legitimate company that pays consistently. However, bear in mind that you will go into the situation a little blind, so make sure you are comfortable with that.

3, Giftcardgranny


GiftCard Granny’s platform is multifaceted, and we like that. They have a few options within their organization, and their user-friendly platform makes it easy for anyone to navigate what they want to accomplish while using the site, so we recommend it.

A unique feature of GiftCard Granny is that they help you find the best places to sell your gift cards for the most money. Additionally, you can also sell your gift cards in person at one of their select gift card exchange locations. If you prefer to communicate with people in person, this may be the perfect option for you.

Secondly, the website lets you know which gift cards are the most profitable to sell, so you have a good idea of how much value you can place on the card you are trying to sell. This provides a good reference point for you. As well as offering perspective on what cards are likely to yield the greatest return in the future, they also provide you with a way to determine which cards you should plan to earn gift cards through games and other sites while you’re fishing.

4, CardCash


On CardCash, selling a gift card is as simple as navigating to their website, selecting the type of card, entering the current balance, and receiving information as to the amount of cash you will receive.

As well as trading gift cards, you will be able to receive 11% more on your gift card profitability when you trade gift cards. If you’re looking to buy a specific gift card, you may find that you’ve found the card you’re looking for, and you can trade one of your unwanted cards for it so that you can receive the gift card you’re looking for.

5, Giftcash


This gift card exchange website lets you sell gift cards in cryptocurrency and you will be paid in cryptocurrency for doing so, making it one of the few websites on the internet that will allow you to sell gift cards in cryptocurrency.

A company founded in 2017 that supports hundreds of retailers has paid out millions of dollars.

You can purchase a gift card in a straightforward manner and the process of buying one is easy because there is only a three step process involved in it, which makes it a very simple process to follow.

A number of Gift Cash’s gift cards also have a good cash value, and there are some gift cards that have a higher chance of retaining their value over time than others, and there are some gift cards you should avoid if your budget is tight.