Bitmain ant s19 delivery postponed, miners turned to RHY lease mining machine

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The annual high-season mining season has begun. According to the feedback from RHY front-line operation and maintenance personnel, the precipitation in Sichuan is plentiful and stable this year, and the power generation turbines of the power plant are running stably. Unlike last year, there was no water to generate electricity or floods. The water quality contains too much mud, and the conditions for generating electricity cannot be achieved.


RHY Sichuan Fengshui Mine

Since entering the period of abundant water, the computing power of the entire Bitcoin network has risen sharply and is now close to the level before halving. The cheap electricity makes the previous generation miners such as Ant S9 come back up again. Under the current conditions, the mining profitability index given by the data research institute is that each miner has an average annual profitability of at least 30%. For the latest 7nm chip mining machine, the profitability is stronger.

1. The delivery of Ant s19 mining machine was delayed, and the miners faced the dilemma of inorganic availability

In the face of abundant and cheap electricity, the link that restricts miners to earn money from mining this year is the delivery of large computing power mining machines. From the feedback from the market feedback, the large-scale delay in the delivery of Bitmain’s ant s19 mining machine has caused The miners who ordered the machine suffered heavy losses. Some miners told us that because the scheduled Ant s19 mining machine was not delivered as scheduled, the escrow contract he originally signed with the mine has come into effect, not only the loss of the mining machine, but also the daily cost of parking space.

Ant s19 mining machine:

Ant s19 is the latest generation of high-performance mining machines equipped with 7nm chips released by Bitmain in early 2020. The maximum computing power can reach 110TH/S energy efficiency ratio 29.5J/T. It is a machine with outstanding performance parameters. But because of the contradiction between the two internal founders, a large number of users who booked the ant s19 mining machine can only wait hard. The miners that should have been shipped in early June are now seized in batches in the factory. The goods are there but they are not sent to you, and the miners can only shake their heads and sigh.

2, RHY mines put large computing power mining machines in batches.

Before the halving, the RHY mine has predicted the market demand for large computing power after the halving, and carried out the allocation of the supply of the mining machine and the replacement of the mining machine in advance. At present, our main mining machine has been The latest transition from 14nm to 7/8nm is the latest flagship miner.

decommissioned mining machine

RHY mine partially decommissioned mining machine

Shenma M30S, Ant s19 and other popular high-power mining machines on the market can all be obtained through the lease of mining machines at the RHY mine.

Lease an ant s19 mining machine on the RHY mine, miners can dig 0.00057715 bitcoins a day, and rent a S19 mining machine for one year, the profit is about 0.272 BTC equivalent to USD 2500+, and the mining machine rental is not used yet I am responsible for the operation of the mining machine. I don’t have to worry about the power failure and the failure of the mining machine.

Ant s19 mining machine rental package:

Although the mining machine rental is very fragrant, many stubborn old miners may still raise the bar “Buying mining machine mining machine can still have residual value. Renting a mining machine is not cost-effective. In the end, there is no machine?”

The best way is not to blow the gun because you never wake up a person who pretends to sleep, so RHY directly put the service of renting the mining machine to send property rights, and renting the property rights of this mining machine for three years (720 days) It will be owned by the miners. In the later period, you will be delivered directly to your home. Do you still feel a loss?

Every abandonment day in the plentiful season is a waste of money. For the miners who are still waiting for the ant s19 mining machine to ship, they may wish to rent a few machines to dig. After all, Bitcoin can not wait for others.