Brass Square Kitchen Taps Mixers: A Stylish Addition To Your Kitchen


You cannot do without a good faucet in your kitchen, especially when you use it every day. I recently replaced my old kitchen sink faucetwith a new model because it wouldn’t work anymore.

I am excited to share the details of my new kitchen faucet, knowing my readers would be interested. I purchased a brass square kitchen tap mixer from Plumbtech, which is a popular China faucet factoryand distributor. I found this site after a lot of research and would recommend my readers to check it out.

Coming back to the faucet, it has a simple design and matt black finish that suits my kitchen décor just perfectly. While it may not be a fancy kitchen sink faucet, it ensures reliability and durability. No doubt, it’s a great choice for any kitchen setup.


Before you make up your mind to purchase this faucet for your kitchen, let me tell you all about its features. This will help you decide if you are making the right choice.

Simple and Sophisticated

Some things look better, and simple, and this faucet is just that. It boasts a basic design but looks very sophisticated if installed in the right place. The user-friendly design ensures anybody can use the faucet with no problem. The matt black finish further enhances the faucet’s style.

Leak-free Performance

The faucet comes with a 35mm ceramic cartridge that ensures a leak and drip-free performance. I must also mention that the entire faucet is made with high-quality components, giving full value for your money.

90-degree Rotating Handle

Another thing I like the best about the faucet is the 90-degree rotating handle. No doubt, it makes using the faucet more convenient, making everyday tasks easier to finish. For a better experience in the kitchen, I would suggest my readers purchase this model.

What Did I Like?

I particularly like the faucet’s simple design. It looks nice and easy to handle. If you are someone like me who prefers basic designs, you will surely like this model. Just make sure to purchase it from Plumbetch China faucet manufacturers.

Besides the design, I was impressed by the installation process. Usually, faucets are hard to install and require a bunch of tools and equipment. But installing this faucet barely took any time.

What Could Be Improved?

No doubt, Plumbetch China faucet manufacturershave done a great job designing this faucet. However, I feel they missed adding more details in the user manual. For people who are not used to installing faucets on their own, the manual is of no help.

It lacks detailed instructions which can be a problem for some users. Apart from this, I have nothing else to complain about. The faucet is fantastic and ensures great durability.

Would I Recommend It?

I recommend this faucet to my readers with full confidence. I am sure, they will appreciate this model and its features. It is a handy faucet that is perfect for everyday use. With its 90-degree rotation, and ceramic cartridge technology, it’s the best you get in this price range.