Efficient sheet mask material for maximum results


The sheet mask is an extremely popular product in the healthcare and beauty industry, which is evident by its high usage by a number of people including the celebrities. The sheet mask material used in the manufacture of these products varies based on the manufacturer and their production techniques. There are several manufacturers in the market that produce good quality sheet masks that meet the necessary standards of quality and product efficiency.

If you are looking to purchase the sheet mask for your requirements and skincare then it is vital that you choose an efficient manufacturer that is known for its experience in the industry and advanced sheet mask material factory. Amongst the different manufacturers of sheet masks, the Suicel is a prominent company when it comes to the production of high quality sheet masks. The company utilizes the most efficient materials in the production of sheet masks and uses the most effective production techniques for the manufacture of top class products of sheet masks. You can visit here for more information about the raw materials and the production techniques used by the company. 

About the company

The Zhuhai Suicel New Material Co. Ltd. is focused on the development of newer biodegradable materials. The company has various departments of development, production, research and sales. Suicel has more than a decade of experience in the research and development, and the company has utilized its expertise plus knowledge for the successful production of a newer highly absorbent material in the market. The products manufactured by the company are used in a wide range of fields including medical industry, cosmetics industry, industrial dehydration and personal hygiene products. The company is always striving for the most sophisticated technology that helps in producing safe and environment friendly products for the customers. Becoming the industry unicorn is one of the development goals of the company.

The cosmetic film substrate manufactured by https://www.zhsuicel.com/is suitable for the fully automated mask cutting, bagging line and folding. This can be transformed into different types of the beauty masks. The procedure for reprocessing is precisely the same as that used in the silk cloth and non-woven cloth. There are particularly no specific or special requirements. The sheet or file material can be used for the automatic production of folding line for immensely improving the efficiency of production. These sheet materials can be transformed into mango shape, comma shape, butterfly shape and crescent shape as per the requirements of the customers.

The raw material used by Suicel

The material used by Suicel in production of its sheet masks is biodegradable, environment-friendly and natural which helps with the super storage, super absorbent properties and these film materials of super-lock made its first appearance in the globe. The environment friendly plus natural materials combined with the efficiency of technology provides the highest standards in the domain of the super absorbent cosmetic basement membrane. The raw materials used by the company are natural that are land grown marine-grown crinkled carrageenan and konjac rhizomes. After the processes of washing, drying, slicing and the alcohol washing, final extracts or remains of crinkled carrageenan and glucomannan are obtained.

One of the main components that is used by Suicel is the glucomannan, that is extracted from Amorphophallus konjac root. The raw materials used by the company are dissolved after the fine processing forming an aqueous solution of natural polymer in the aqueous solution for biodegradable material of the sheet mask. The cosmetic film substrate from Suicel are suitable for completely automated mask cutting, bagging and folding line plus it can be transformed into different types of beauty masks.