Flashlight Brand: Interesting Facts to Know About


The advent of electricity has ushered in the technological age. New gadgets and devices in thousands have been launched to serve different useful purposes. However, the one that is considered to be among the most important is the ‘flashlight’. These days, there are available several branded flashlights in the market of different models and type. The truth is people do own more than one flashlight. It is without doubt that these devices are termed to be ‘savers’. Selecting the best flashlight brand will be necessary to ensure that it is put to good use especially when its light is required the most.

Overcoming the dark

There are times when power cuts can be rampant. This is noticed more in the developing countries due to increased demand for electricity and shortage of supply of the same. In western countries, people do not experience much of power outages. However, emergencies do occur without any advance warning and it is important to stay alert and better equipped. At times, in the middle of the road and during dark, the car might breakdown. To seek help from the nearest garage would mean having to walk a couple of kilometers in the dark. The best flashlight brands are always ‘on duty’. You just need to ensure they are constantly recharged as required and full. This way, when switched on, they can provide ample power, thus providing precious light to overcome the otherwise overpowering and frightening dark.

Who invested the flashlight?

Torches are stated to be simple devices. Some consider that it was during the late 1890’s that it got invented. However, the first flashlight is said to have been invented by Akiba Horowitz (aka Conrad Hubert), “Eveready” company’s owner. It is claimed that the electric light and electric battery was first invented and then followed by flashlights. However, the 1947 published New Yorker Magazine had credited Lionel toy train’s much famed Joshua Lionel Cowen to have invented the flashlight. He had sold the same to Hubert to market it as some novelty product.

Its name

At the time of the first flashlight’s invention, there did not exist any steady electric current source. Users had to press a particular button at intervals to flash light. Thus, it had derived this name. But European countries refer it to as the ‘electric torch’ or simply ‘torch’. Investing in lumintop will be a wise decision nowadays to stay protected from the dark especially in areas that lack light.

Difference between flashlight and lantern

The difference is mainly the area where it casts its light. Generally, flashlights are found to light up just a small area unlike lanterns that can light up the whole room. The lantern is not designed to be held by users. Rather, they are provided with lanterns to allow hanging them at any desired place to get proper light. They come with a flat base.

Lumintop flashlights from reputed brands are in huge demand. They are designed to last long and provide bright light.