Introduction to Fashion Trends Forecasting


Fashion forecasting is a method of the future trends that will be in fashion. Fashion forecaster forecasts what color fabric, styles, and fabrics will be featured on catwalks and in stores to sell for the upcoming seasons.

This is applicable to fashion, haute couture, ready-to-wear mass market, and streetwear fashion. Professional trend analysts are accountable to assist retailers and designers sell their brands by gathering information about new trends and hot colors fashions, celebrity fashions and collections, as well as providing direction on how to create their merchandise.

Short-term forecasting analyzes the current news and pop culture to discover chinese street fashion trends that can be conveyed to the customer through color palettes, fabrics and silhouettes. Other areas where forecasters study includes sport, interiors sciences, the arts, and technology.

Long-term forecasting examines developments in the field of demographics, and their effect on the retail sector of the environment, economy and culture. It also attempts to pinpoint any significant changes in the international and domestic market and shifts in consumer behavior and expectations, as and the latest developments in technology and science.

Specialist marketing consultants concentrate on forecasting for the long-term and analyze and report on any psychographics or demographics that influence the consumer’s needs and affect the market in a niche.

Retailers may have in-house trends forecasters. This information is then passed to designers or product developers who decide on the design patterns, silhouettes, and colors of the season, as well as developing a general design.

Trend forecasting is employed by Fashion Designers as well as Designers, Product Developers, Graphic Artists and business management.

Forecasting is possible for up to 12-18 months in advance, but increasingly retailers are responding to changing trends and needs of customers quicker by changing and sourcing their product offerings quicker.

There are numerous Trend Forecasting Agencies that specialize in identifying trends that are emerging. They publish periodic trend books, hold seminars, and offer information on their websites, which users can access from any location around the globe.

The main players in the trend agency industry include Trend Union, Peclers, Promostyl, and Carlin and are all European businesses with a European base.

The Fashion Forecasting books produced by these organizations are expensive to buy, however, they are accessible to read in fashion forums and libraries and, occasionally, at libraries of universities.

Fashion Forecasting books are generally divided into various categories. They are typically womenswear clothing, menswear, young, Lingerie, and beachwear. each book will describe the key trends for the season, namely Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter. The books will contain fabrics swatches, Pantone’s mood photos, colors, and sketch sketches of silhouettes. Read more:

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