Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Manufacturer: What are the advantages offered?


Electric golf carts or ages were fitted with lead-acid, deep cycle batteries. However, these days, Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery is used in most electronic equipment including electric vehicles. The purpose of using a golf cart is to move around the course to play the game. Hence, the battery used in the vehicle should be powerful enough to pull it with ease. It should also live up to the engine demand.

Contacting the top Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Factory will ensure you can get a good quality battery for your vehicle. Lithium ion batteries are considered to be powerhouses. They are easier to maintain and cost-effective when compared to lead-acid counterparts.

Advantages of Custom LiFePo4 Golf Cart Battery Pack

  • No maintenance: One major benefit derived from using this battery is that it does not require taking any kind of special maintenance steps. Lead-acid batteries, if installed in the cart, will require regular checking. It also requires constant topping, thus increasing effort, maintenance, wastage of time and money. On the other hand, installing lithium-ion batteries ensures saving labour hours as well as not requiring purchasing costly maintenance products. Also, you will not face hassles associated with chemical spills or performance issues. Discussing with the Lithium Ion Golf Cart Battery Manufacturer will allow you to make the right choice.
  • Carrying capacity: LiFePo4 Golf Cart Battery Pack is powerful enough to pull the golf cart and its passengers with great ease. Rather, it is said to enjoy higher weight-performance ratio. Their size is just half of what conventional batteries weigh. Since the battery is lightweight, it allows the vehicle to achieve higher speeds. Hence, you will not feel sluggish.

Weight-performance ratio is what allows the golf cart to carry with ease necessary equipment along with two adult passengers. They also maintain efficiently their voltage output. This way, the cart can deliver similar performance level. But lead-acid battery loses performance after consuming 70 percent of rated capacity. Negative impact is rather noticed on the cart’s carrying capacity. Going through the portal will give you a better idea.

  • Eco-friendly: Custom EV battery pack assembly is considered to be a wonderful option for the overall environment. Moreover, they take very less time to achieve full recharge while consuming less power. They also do not contain any hazardous material like that of lead-acid batteries.
  • Battery charging speed: Conventional batteries require lots of time to get fully recharged. This means, during recharge, you will not be able to use the vehicle. Irrespective of the terrain, the cart should maintain proper power and speed. This is something achievable with a Custom EV battery pack.

Lead-acid batteries are found to experience voltage drop after some use, thereby slowing down the cart speed considerably. Full recharge also takes about 8 or more hours. However, OEM 18650 lithium ion LifePo4 batteries can be charged to 80 percent capacity within an hour.

ODM 18650 lithium ion LifePo4 batteries are indeed the right choice for your golf cart.