Premium DC to AC inverter manufacturer


The DC to AC inverters are commonly used across different applications in numerous industries, offices and homes. These inverters ensure uninterrupted power supply and they provide efficient power solutions to varying energy requirements. There are several manufacturers of DC to AC inverters in the market. If you want to purchase China DC to AC inverter then you must look at the different options that are available in the market, compare their specs and features, look at their prices, the manufacturers and eventually choose what suits you the best.

Understanding how DC to AC inverters work

The DC to AC inverters convert direct current to alternate current and provide you with the necessary power solutions. The direct current can be useful but the batteries usually only provide low-voltage DC power. Many of the devices need additional power for functioning properly than what the DC is able to provide. AC current or the alternating current changes polarity and sends the current one way throughout the circuit. It then reverses it and sends it to the other way. This process is done quickly at a rate of about 60 times for each second. AC power has the ability to work well at higher voltages and you can step up the voltage more easily in AC than DC.

The DC to AC inverter increases the voltage of DC then changes it to AC current before it sends it out for powering the different devices. The devices were initially manufactured and designed for doing the opposite however these converters can be run in reverse direction for accomplishing opposite effect and hence they came to be called the inverters.

What to expect from Scientek power?

The Scientek is renowned in the power equipments industry and the company is one of the most reputed DC to AC inverter manufacturer. The company also produces DC voltage regulators, automatic voltage regulators and three phase voltage regulators amongst other products. The Scientek is a voltage regulator manufacturer and it makes use of the technology of microcomputer thyristor for achieving stability. Some of the advantages of this product includes automatic compensation, high precision and fast-pressing speed. The team from Scientek is fairly experienced in the ODM and OEM service for almost decade and a half.

The has a motivated research and development team and an efficient sales team that is known for their expertise in the last 15 years. The company is known for its ODM and OEM service in the international quarters and the highlight feature of the company’s business includes fundamental knowledge of the technology used in electronics and power supply in addition to excellent communication skills.

The company is located in the city of Foshan, which is the manufacturer base for China power supply. The company is also responsible for the development of the UPS power supplies, power inverters, DC to AC inverters, power transformers, China inverter and products to other sectors that are related to providing power protection.

Various high quality DC to AC inverter products

The Scientek is one of the best destinations and a premium inverter manufacturer if you are looking to purchase DC to AC inverters. Some of the efficient DC to AC inverter products that you can find here includes Low frequency DC to AC solar inverter with MPPT charger TPS series, Pure sine wave inverter PS series, 3KVA Modified sine wave power inverter PI-3000plus, 12V 24V 48V to 220V power inverters PI Series and 12VDC to 24VDC 40A boost converter amongst others.