Should People Do Away with Combustion Smoke and Start Vaping?


Studies have revealed that traditional cigarette, cigar, or pipe smoking causes combustion as you need to set the tobacco on fire with a lighter or matchstick. When the tobacco burns it produces ash, smoke, and nicotine and you draw the same into the lungs without any checks. The process of directly inhaling smoke has unfortunately resulted in serious health issues and cancer. It is to thwart the health issues and also for better engagement with your time that vaping has developed and there are presently hundreds of brands worldwide. Vaping or inhaling with the help of e-cigarettes has now spread rapidly and several experts think that they are much safer than traditional smoking. Vaping is a slightly more elaborate process and not a rolled paper containing tobacco thrown away after use. Of course, you have throw-away vape kits yet they are not the same as tobacco smoke.

The eightvape devices have four important components. These are the cartridges or pods that hold onto the e-juice or liquid solution. The solution may either be with or without nicotine as you may prefer. The next is the heating element that heats the solution. After this, you will find the battery from where the current passes to the heating element. The last is the mouthpiece from which you inhale vapor.  You may click here for more information.

Advantages of Mesh Coils

Most e-cigarettes or vaping devices have a heating component known as the mesh coil. These are usually made out of stainless steel or Kanthal and do not give to rust or damage easily. It helps to vape comfortably by allowing the coil to get heated and helps warm up the e-liquid solution. You then draw the vapor through the mouthpiece and enjoy the experience.

It is the Eightvape Coils that help protect against any harmful effect of inhaling the vapor. It acts as a check against too much smoke going into the mouthpiece and therefore increases the lifespan of the solution in the cartridge. It is for this reason alone experts believe that vaping is way healthier than cigarette smoking.

You will find the mesh coil when you purchase refillable Eightvape Disposables from their official site. You can also buy them if you wish to replace your old mesh with a new one.

The E-liquid gets warmed up easily with the mesh coil and unlike the tobacco smoke, you get different flavors of e-juice. The e-liquid mixture contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and other flavors.

Refillable Disposable Vape Devices

Unlike throw-away cigarettes and other e-devices, you can cut down your expenses with refillable disposable devices. You can purchase them and although the initial cost will be high, you get to save more money in the long run. Such a device offers you great flexibility.

The Eightvape Pod Kits come in various shapes and colors. By selecting the refillable devices you are also doing a great favor for the environment as you don’t throw away anything. The only thing you need to notice is to read the instructions before refilling the e-liquid as it may take a few minutes or there will be a risk of leak.