The Benefits of Using Silicone Face Masks


Although silicone may not be the most glamorous skincare ingredient, it is a very effective one when it comes to making face masks. Palermino says that silicone, unlike traditional sheet masks made of synthetic fibers or blends is non-porous. It traps the products underneath it and prevents them escaping. Your products will have no place to go but in order to penetrate the skin better and deliver active ingredients where they are most needed.

The sustainability element is silicone. While it is still a byproduct from the hazardous petroleum industry, silicone is durable, reusable and easy to clean. It is a far better alternative (though not perfect) to its one-and done predecessors.

Palermino explains that traditional sheet masks can be porous and often saturated with a serum. This makes them single-use as they are susceptible to bacteria and other growths. You can save money by using silicone and a product that you already have on hand.

Palermino, her co-founders Joyce de Lemos (pronounced dew), and Marta Freedman were driven to create Dieux (pronounced dew). She says, “We were discussing rituals that we wanted to reinvent” and she keeps coming back to the fact that sheet and eye masks are so much fun but so wasteful. We felt worse because the packaging wasn’t recyclable. We created Dieux to solve this problem. 

Silicone Face Masks

Silicone masks work only as well as the products they are used with, unlike regular sheet masks that come pre-soaked with active ingredients. This allows you to customize your home masking experience. You have the option to either hydrate, brighten, or soothe your skin. Get more info about Crossdresser Female Mask.

After you have your chosen serum or cream ready to use, you can apply them as usual and seal them with your silicone mask. To allow your products to work their magic, most brands recommend leaving the product on for between 10 and 30 minutes. Palermino recommends waiting between 10 and 20 seconds after applying your serum or cream to ensure that your masks don’t slip around your face. For more information on using your silicone masks, you can visit this blog post by Dieux.

While silicone masks can be reused, how long will they last? Palermino says that the Forever Eye Masks lasted for one year after being used daily and washed. The logo began to fade away at that point. The masks can be saved even more if you handle them gently. For more info about Crossdressing Bodysuits, Visit here:

Palermino tells us that silicone masks are not biodegradable because it is chemically inert. However, it can be recycled if taken to a designated recycling facility. It is likely that the silicone masks will end up in the trash despite all of this disclosure. Palermino claims they are currently working with silicone recycling facilities to streamline the process. This will allow users to easily send their masks to the right repurposing facility when they are ready to throw them out.