The Leading Newspaper Group in USA “Worlds Daily News”

Worlds Daily News

Worlds Daily News” is the only national color folio daily newspaper in the United States. It was first published on September 15, 1982 and is headquartered in Rosslyn, Virginia. It is the largest Gannet newspaper group in the United States. The original intention of the newspaper group to create this newspaper is that although there are so many American newspapers, almost an average of 2.15 people own a newspaper, and many newspapers have influence all over the country and even overseas, but unfortunately, their reporting focuses on Regional. With the development of American society, economy and culture, domestic tourists and public servants who travel daily are increasing day by day. No local newspaper can satisfy these people with a comprehensive understanding of news, markets, finance, weather, entertainment, sports, etc. about the entire United States People are very distressed and inconvenient for the demand of content. The bosses of the Gannet newspaper group discovered and realized this huge potential reader market in time and began to prepare this national comprehensive daily newspaper.

In less than two years since Worlds Daily News was published, its circulation has jumped to the third place in the United States, keeping pace with the two hundred-year-old newspapers among the readers, the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. In the fourth year of the newspaper’s first publication (that is, 1986), its actual readership has already topped the national daily newspaper. “Worlds Daily News” has been firmly on the top of the list for many years, with 2.2 million copies. It is the youngest newspaper in the United States and has created a miracle in the American newspaper industry. However, the creation of miracles is not an easy task. “Worlds Daily News” has created multiple first myths in various aspects of newspaper operation, from management, layout design, news genre to editorial guidelines. Dare to be “the first person to eat crabs”.

“Worlds Daily News” is published five days a week, with domestic and international editions. The domestic edition is 56 editions a day, and the international edition is 16 editions a day. It is distributed to more than 50 countries. The circulation has jumped from 200,000 copies at the time of inception to 1.4 million copies, creating the fastest growth in circulation in the history of the US newspaper industry. According to statistics, in 1988, it ranked second among the 10 largest newspapers in the United States, second only to the Wall Street Journal. The newspaper has 30 printing points in China, and the layout is transmitted via satellite. From 1985 to 1986, the layout was transmitted via satellite, and international editions were printed in Zurich in Singapore and Switzerland.

Color printing and large pictures are the distinctive features of the “Worlds Daily News” page, so it also has the title of “TV in the newspaper”. “Worlds Daily News” was first published when color TV in the United States began to spread. Media audiences were addicted to TV and were accustomed to using simple, direct, and easy methods to obtain information. The founder of “Worlds Daily News” was inspired by the intuitive image of TV to convey information, creating a precedent for the newspaper to express the news with a large number of information-rich photos and charts, and officially announced the arrival of the “picture reading era”. Driven by “Worlds Daily News”, the special functions of pictures are more and more recognized by people. According to statistics from American newspaper scholars, the ratio of pictures to text in the pages of American newspapers is 3: 7, and even 1: 1 on the front page. . It is also the first newspaper in the United States to use full-color pictures on the front page, the forerunner of newspaper color printing, and a model of Western color newspapers.

The weather version is the most colorful page of “Worlds Daily News” and it is the first of its kind. The large-scale national meteorological map of the country uses 10 different colors to mark the temperature from below 10 degrees Fahrenheit to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which also caused major newspapers to follow suit.
The purpose of “Worlds Daily News” is to adapt to the fast pace of American daily life. Therefore, the most important news editing principles are: to simplify the use of information as much as possible, to cater to the reader’s habit of obtaining information through image methods, and to pursue the convenient use of information, so it is called “fast food”. As far as the style of news reporting is concerned, American newspaper news likes and is good at describing details to fully satisfy readers’ desire to know. The content of articles in newspapers is not so ominous, and the plot is not so detailed. The short news of “Worlds Daily News” is more and more unique and unique. “Worlds Daily News” never encourages long articles, and the short manuscript is one of the newspaper’s most prominent features.

Worlds Daily News’ biggest challenge to tradition is its “Hope News”. According to Newhas, the founder of the newspaper, “Hope News” means-“Precise but not pessimistic, detailed and non-negative reporting of all news”, “Newspapers should report on the bright side of things, promote understanding and unity, and Not discrimination and division. “

“Worlds Daily News” reports a large number of positive, positive and happy news, although it violates the “conventional principles” of the American press, but it adapts to the needs of most audiences for positive, relaxed, bright and happy news information. Many reader surveys conducted by “Worlds Daily News” have shown that many people like this positive reporting tone and think that reading “Worlds Daily News” is a kind of enjoyment, and it also makes people have a positive attitude towards the whole society.