Three valuable hiring in China tips to follow


It could be that you have finally decided to start business in China and have completed the necessary legal formalities. After renting an office, the next step is to hire employees to run your business. But how to hire Chinese people as employees! What steps should you undertake to ensure making the right approach so as to retain bright employees?

Tips to consider to ensure proper hiring in China

  • Interview multiple candidates before finalizing: This is very much crucial for the success of your business. Thorough background check and proper research is an absolute must while recruiting the management team who are to operate your business in China. Do compare as well as interview multiple candidates to ensure selecting the best one out of the lot that best fits the profile and business needs. The professionals at can provide you with good tips and hiring ideas.
  • Be wise and rationale in your approach towards recruiting candidates: Most western entrepreneurs are of the wrong notion that hiring employees here in China is quite cheap. They may assume that it will be possible to save huge amounts by paying low salaries. But remember, hiring cheap labour will only prove to be unreliable and ineffective. Moreover, Chinese labour is considered to be not that cheap as the western counterparts consider them to be. The total expense of the employer is generally double that of the net salary to be paid to the employees. For well-trained and well-educated Chinese staff, the salary can be as high as that is paid to the western professionals. The ideal candidate having received western education as well as studied and resided abroad with lots of global experience is likely to demand a high salary package. A good and highly competent local team will ensure that challenges are easily overcome. It is important to hire Chinese employee who is skilled, talented and have the right certifications.
  • Hiring opportunities: You should have in-depth knowledge of how to Hire employee in China. You should first test the waters before making a huge investment. Wrong selection will only mean having to face legal issues in a foreign country that might hamper your business prospects. Chinese labour law states that the employer is held liable and responsible towards their employee. This is also if the employees are relocated outside the country to any foreign nation. Hiring only foreign nationals for the office based in China will indicate that the entrepreneur is not interested to invest in the Chinese, thus losing reputation amongst the locals. As taxes and social insurance will not be paid, the company employees are likely to be at a disadvantage. This is more especially if they are to prove having worked in a particular city when compared to the one they were born. It is likely to impact negatively their desire to purchase a home or provide the best education to their children in new district. Knowing about China PEO will help a lot to establish the business the correct way.

You can trust your local agent to help with hiring and China payroll functions.