What are the different types of electronic door locks available?


Security and safety of your home and family members is undoubtedly the top priority, irrespective of which part of the world you reside. Rising crime and antisocial incidents combined with poor safety lock systems will only make your family members vulnerable. Electronic door lock and mortise door lock can help enhance security levels of your home.

Know the types of electronic China Door Hardware available

  • Keypad locks: Installing this electronic door lock will mean not requiring a key to open the door. You just need to punch in some preset codes onto the keypad and the door opens automatically. It is a good way to open the interior door handle This way, you do not have to worry about finding your misplaced keys. It can also be quite handy in case, you entertain visitors to whom you do not wish to provide a key. You just need to program a temporary code on the pad during their visit. Once they leave, simply change the code to ensure nobody trespasses into your home. However, one major disadvantage with this door hardware type is that the door cannot be opened remotely. You have use the keypad button to punch the code for gaining entry.
  • Remote access locks: Such China Mortise Door Lock systems are considered to be the very best as well as quite secure and safe. It functions with the smart home security system. You can easily monitor the system using your tablet, phone or computer. In case, your children go outside to play or to school after you leave for work, you can effortlessly ensure the doors are locked after they have left. Simply log onto the system and find out whether the door is locked securely or not. If unlocked, use your phone to lock it. You can shop for such advanced door locking systems at reputed portals like http://www.dehonglock.com/! This system helps enhance home security, while remote access lock can be used conveniently. Entry codes can be changed from any chosen device connected to the web.
  • Keyless entry systems: Such electronic mortise door lock systems are also referred to as key fob lock. This system functions similar to the car’s keyless entry. Fob on the key ring with buttons to lock/unlock the door. Using this advanced lock system, you can activate easily the door lock within couple of feet from the door. To gain entrance, you don’t have to touch the keypad. It is a wonderful choice for adults. However, children may experience problems, as they might lose it. One major disadvantage faced with this type is it does not function with the web while smart home security computers do not support this electronic door hardware accessory.

When it comes to choosing mortise lock systems, you should select the best brand that offers quality products at attractive prices. Investing in a top branded lock system will allow you and your family to have peace of mind and immense satisfaction. You can also ensure safety of your home and the belongings inside.