What are the major ball bearing material types available?


There are many industries that need to buy ball bearings in bulk. If you have just started such an industry which requires ball bearings, then you need to consider the type of material to order. There are several materials used in its construction to match different needs and applications of diverse industries. However, the popular ones are ceramic, steel and plastic materials. Ball bearings made of different types of materials tend to come with some salient features and benefits. However, they are all likely to have four major parts that are quite similar. These four include the inner race, outer race, ball and a cage. Discussing with the experienced and knowledgeable ball bearing company officials can give you a better idea about the same.

An overview of ball bearing materials

  • Ceramic: Such bearings are considered to be the standard choice made by many industries across the globe. The reason is because, they are used in a variety of applications with great ease and is well known for its functionality. Such units are also viewed as a hybrid having balls made using ceramic materials. However, the outer race, inner race and the cage are created using steel. Ceramic is used a lot to ensure emitting low noise and cause low vibration. Moreover, operating temperature tends to stay cool. This is even if the bearing functions very fast. Ceramic materials are found to be more rigid, much lighter and also corrosion resistant. Hence, it is a much better material when used to construct ball bearings when compared to other alternatives available in steel. The reputed China ball bearing company can offer quality ceramic-based ball bearings that are durable and works amazingly. It also comes with the option to operate with lower coefficients and high speeds. Ceramic material is stated to be non-conductive. This effectively means that this material is indeed a practical choice for most industries, especially those dealing with electrical applications. Furthermore, its working temperature is approximately around 1,800 degree Fahrenheit. However, the cost factor is considered to be the main disadvantage of such ball bearings. Being expensive, many tend to overlook it and look for other alternatives like plastic.
  • Steel: You can find quality steel ball bearings at the top portals like https://groove-ballbearing.com/ . Ball bearings made from steel are considered to be a hot favourite among many industries. It comprises of all-steel parts. It also has steel of different types or a phenolic cage for races and balls. For heavy-duty applications, these are regarded to be a practical option. These are designed to work well with fast rotations in a minute. It also has the capability to accept approximately 25,000 pounds. Such bearings are stated to be quite precise, thus providing reliable clearance. The well established ball bearing manufacturer can offer you with discounted & competitive rates. But ball bearings made of steel does come with several negatives. The steel, for example, is heavy and noisy. It can lack chemical resistance. Hence, to reduce maintenance related issues, there is a need to make use of superior quality lubricant. Moreover, in humid or wet conditions, steel can be at risk of getting corroded.
  • Plastic: Ball bearings made from plastic are considered to be the latest technology to be introduced in the market. It offers several benefits over other alternatives like steel and ceramic. It is constructed using races and a plastic cage and is lightweight. The actual ball also is regarded to be a choice amongst plastic, glass or stainless steel. If weight and noise is seen to be a critical factor, then the entire plastic set-up can be the perfect choice to select. Applications not requiring any kind of metal will mean availing of the glass option. However, the glass option is better avoided if working temperature surpasses 300 degree Fahrenheit.

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