What are the specs for portable desktop air purifier from UNbeaten?

Portable Desktop Air Purifier for Dust

The air purifier products have become one of the necessary indoor installations in many of the homes and offices around the globe. One of the reasons behind the increased popularity and sales of these products is the constantly increasing pollution levels which has affected the overall index of air quality. The air purifier products help the consumers by filtering out the contaminated or polluted air and supplying pure air free from pollutants. The modern day air purifier products make use of the latest tech and efficient mechanism to do the filtering process. The air purifiers nowadays are equipped with the modern features that provide high productivity and excellent results to the customers.

UNbeaten is a leading manufacturer of air purifier products

The UNbeaten is one of the top brands with a special emphasis on the purifier products and it has about a decade of experience in the industry. The brand is known as an efficient enterprise for household appliances with filtering tech at the core of its operations. Some of the primary products manufactured by the company includes air purifiers, household water purifiers and the small scale green household appliances. The company has an independent brand for its business operations and over the years this brand has become synonymous with efficiency and reliability amongst the consumers.

Portable Desktop Air Purifier for Dust

When it comes to portable desktop air purifier for dust products, you will find some of the best options that are available for sale on the company website. One such quality air purifier product that is particularly popular amongst the customers is UNbeaten Portable Desktop Air Purifier for Dust Smoke Pollen with True HEPA Filter. We take a look at this product.

UNbeaten Portable Desktop Air Purifier for Dust Smoke Pollen with True HEPA Filter

This portable desktop air purifier from https://www.unbeatengroup.com/ comes equipped with advanced features and excellent specs which makes it a winner. The turbo-charging technology of this purifier produces airflow that is more powerful, having 5 air changes each hour, about 200 sq ft. of the indoor air is replaced within 12 minutes. This equipment provides you with the most convenient and comfortable living and working environment.   

Portable Desktop Air Purifier for Dust

This portable desktop air purifier for dust comes with the double safety switch which enables the safe and simple changing of the HEPA filter. When you open the back cover, power gets cut off automatically which prevents any risk of injury. Here it is worth noting that you must take out filters from the polybag before the usage.

The installation of the filters must be done as per the user manual. This product is available for purchase at a price of $109.99 and if you are interested then you check out all the details by visiting the product listing on the company website.

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