What is brite beer tank?


The brite tank is one of the key component that is used in the manufacturing of beer and it is primarily used for the clarification and carbonation of the beer and the kombucha. The brite tank is utilized as the final step in the process of brewing after leaving fermenters and brewhouse. In the brew pubs, the brite beer tanks can also double up as the serving vessels. The brite tanks are also used for storing finished beer so that it can mature further and then carbonate as well as clarify before being used for bottling, kegging, canning and the packaging.    

The functioning and engineering of the brite tank  might not be as complicated as the bottling line or brew house however these tanks play an important role in the overall final product and they serve as vital maintenance items. When you are operating the brite tank the temperature for maintaining and operations is a vital consideration. For example the fermenter runs at a range of 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit whereas the brite beer tank needs to be at the 32 degrees Fahrenheit mark for the proper carbing up process. The brite tanks should be engineered such that they must be cold and also be able to hold pressure and then provide post filtration and then easily be cleaned for servicing.

The component of the brite tanks

The brewing systems from DEGONG are known for their consistent performance and eye-catching designs. The brite tanks from DEGONG will help reduce your daily effort and provide you solid returns on your investment for years to come in the future. The standard brite tank from the company includes carbonations stone port, sight tube and the front access manway. The dimple jackets made of stainless steel are used on brite tanks for maximizing the cooling performance of glycol and it allows the brewer to maintain the low lagering temperatures. The glycol solenoid valve and dedicated temperature controller are included with each of the brite tank.

The different brite tank products on sale at DEGONG

You can get a host of high quality brite tanks with different specifications, features, dimensions and pricing available for sale at DEGONG. Some of these products featured and listed on https://www.pcbrewery.com/ includes 1000L Vertical Jacketed And Insulated Steel Bright Beer Tank for Sale, 500L horizontally stackable insulated bright beer tank/ beer storage tank for sale, 1000L jacketed and insulated bright beer tank/ brite tank for sale in UK, 1000L Microbrewery Used Custom Vertical Double Wall Stainless Steel Bright Tank/serving Tank, 5 BBL Brite/Serving Tank Jacketed & Insulated for sale and 10BBL brewery equipment bright beer tank and horizontal Beer maturation – conditioning -serving tanks for sale online amongst others. We will have a look at one of these products in more detail.

1000L jacketed and insulated bright beer tank/ brite tank for sale in UK: This brite beer tank from DEGONG is usually used in the restaurants, hotels or brewpubs. The brite tank is used for aging beer according to the specific conditions and requirements of the brewer. It consists of a carbonation stone that enables the users to infuse CO2 into the beer. The brite tank or the beer tank can also be horizontal if it is requested by the customer. This tank comes with PU insulation and has glycol water jacketing.  It has a capacity of 1000L with a pressure of 3 bars and it uses 304 stainless steel material for its build. This product has also got the CE ISO TUV certification.