What is the Difference between MissAngel Lashes and Other Brands?


When you search for a product you must have formed some definite ideas about the company that produces it and its quality. In the case with eyelashes too you need to be informative about the manufacturer in order to go into long term agreement that is mutually beneficial for the company and the vendor. In the case of MissAngel lashes too you have to note the difference and this review will make you understand as to why they are the best in the world today.

Among the most important factor that they are reliable for clients across the world is that they are in this business for the past 10 years and are still going strong. You may also contact them here www.missangellashes.comin order to place any queries for your bulk requirements.

Advantages of MissAngel Wholesale Eyelashes

If you go through their advantages with those of others in the market then you will find that they are always better and more reliable. Firstly, they have the widest range of eyelashes that none in the market can match. They employ professional and highly skilled designer teams and staffs that can consistently craft out unique eyelashes for their customers.

Another big point about the eyelashes is that all are meticulously carved by hand and each therefore retains their own uniqueness. There is also a strict disinfection and sterilization system followed in the workplace during mink strip lashes production. You will not find the same standards anywhere in the industry.

MissAngel delivery system is perhaps the very best and beats down competition for they are systematic and yet do not give out tall promises. Everything is as they promises and delivery is usually within 3 to 5 days after you had placed an order. Custom lash boxes are manufactured within 8 to 12 days.

Best Wholesalers of Lashes to Get into Deals

For vendors that wish to start their own eyelash business in their hometown, MissAngel Lashes are the best people to strike a deal with. They are flexible and offer good discounts for bulk purchase. You also get quality products only and therefore unlike other eyelash businesses you will not find clients complaining of any irritation or allergy.

You will be given special instruction when you have planned your business and you may visit here at lash vendors to get their official terms and conditions. You will also get professional advises and ways to paste eyelashes and the time that it usually takes to settle.

Riskless Unique Eyelashes with Finishing

MissAngel Lashes are unique in the international market and many people say that they are trend setters. You will find that their eyelashes are risk free as there is hardly any pain, irritation or general itching when applied. The glue used is also smooth and very effective.

It is for these reasons that several eyelashes vendors have applied for retailing of these lashes. You can easily turn your business into a profitable venture within the first year itself as they offer good commission on bulk orders.

You may also request a private label and this is quite acceptable by the manufactures. After confirmation they will pack them accordingly and then send you the custom eyelashes packaging. Since they have continuous arrangement with leading couriers you will have the same delivered within the stipulated time. This enables vendors to increase their goodwill too.

New styles are regularly invented and sold in the market and you may easily find new customers wherever in the world you are. Their 3D mink lashes are 100% mink fur and MissAngel Lashes declare them to be free of any cruelty. You can bulk order them as shipping is free.