Why is a Flow Meter so Important in Modern Industrial Applications?


A Flow Meter is an instrument that is used to measure the volumetric flow rate of a liquid or a gas. It is important in modern industrial applications because you need to measure the type of flow as these can be either closed conduit or open to atmosphere. Again, there are various types of needs for industries and based on their production processes specific kinds of flow meters are installed for measuring the same. To determine and evaluate the effectiveness of a flow meter you must scrutinize factors like remote monitoring, types of data, frequency of collection, etc as per the needs of your industry.

If you are an experienced technician or engineer you will first study the characteristics of fluid or gas flow through tubes and pipes. A flow meter will measure pressure, temperature, viscosity, density, and vapor pressure. All this will be done in a single reading. Again, the meter will also monitor the safety conditions and interpret toxic bubbles, the presence of abrasives, and the quality of transmission.

It is obvious that flow can be measured in a variety of ways and to meet each kind of requirement there are different types of flow meters. For instance, you have Obstruction types, Turbine types, Electromagnetic, positive displacement types, Vortex Shedding, Anemometer, Ultrasonic, Mass Flow meters, etc.

Simple to Highly Accurate Flow Meters

You must either know whether your business needs a flow meter or not. If you don’t have much idea about flow meters then you should consult with a technical specialist. A wrong flow meter may give wrong measurements of the flow and this will affect your cost also. In the case of chemical processing, you cannot gamble to take risks and the right kind of flow meters need to be installed.

If you want to know the quantity of liquid passing through a pipeline and at what rate, then a basic flow meter will be fine. It will give 5% accuracy which is normal for this kind of job. On the other hand, if you want to measure the rate of flow of gas then you need a specific type of gas flow meter so that it will measure the volume of fuel gases more accurately.

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They also manufacture the Paperless Recorder so that you can provide data to multiple departments and thereby make faster decisions and efficiency.

Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

The company has greatly advanced in the field of manufacturing corolis flow meter of different types. It is a specialized meter that measures the flow of liquid or gas through a tube that is vibrated by an actuator. Due to this, a Coriolis Effect takes place and in turn produces a twisting force, and the same is measured by the flow meter.

The flow meter requires careful maintenance and cleaning periodically or will not give accurate results. It is noteworthy that this type of flow meter gives the most accurate measurement compared to all other meters.